Befriending Balance / Full Moon Workshop

about this event

During the month of October the moon aligns with the Aries sign and embraces the fiery energy within us all. We will call in the Fall Equinox and the importance of regaining balance from one-season to another and from one shift to the next. Balance is key to maintaining all the changes that take place in one’s life. To welcome balance, one must slow down and reset. For this we will honor the First Charka/Root/Muldhara, the Third Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura and the Fourth Chakra/Heart/Anahata.

Olivia will use her 432HZ Quartz singing bowls and creative teachings to offer guidance in healing of the great balancing work to be done. No surprises Aiko’s yoga sequence will focus heavily on balance and the discipline of sustaining poses in quiet and with stillness.

Key Resonances: Balance / Slow Down / Sustainability / Steady Foundations / Reset / Earth / Fire / Air

Key Chakras: Root Muladhara / Solar Plexus Manipura / Heart Anahata

Time Zones:
3:30-5:30PM LA
6:30-8:30PM NYC
11:30-1:30AM UK
12:30-2:30AM FR
8:30-10:30AM (the following morning)