Beach Breathwork: The Transformation Space

about this event

It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not time that will heal your wounds, but rather putting in the work, asking yourself the hard questions, taking a look inward. And these moments take time. It’s in that time, piece by piece, that your heart does heal. It’s in this time that the walls come down, your protective mechanisms no longer need to be used and you feel safe to explore your transformative path. Transformation takes time, but you during this time you don’t have to be lonely.

When you create space for deep change, your journey takes you where you might not know anyone. It takes you someplace new where things feel new, maybe even scary, and that can feel confusing. Transforming can feel confusing, but when you create space for transformation suddenly you see with eyes wide open that there are so many other wild hearts out there waiting to connect with you. Wild hearts that want to learn from you, support you, understand and connect on the power of your transformation.

Transforming is scary but less scary than staying where you are.

Let’s connect with one another on what we are transforming, how we are calling in transformation, and breathe into the transformative space before us.

What is Breathwork ::

Breathwork is a 2-step active breathing technique that moves stagnant energy in the body. This practice can leave you feeling cracked open and more ready to step into your life as your authentic, natural self. If you’re not familiar with Breathwork and interested in learning more, I’ve written a few articles about Breathwork here:

What to bring:

– yourself, and your open mind

– TWO blankets (one to lay on and one for over you)

– an eye pillow if you have one

– Dress comfortably

*All Beach Breathwork circle’s are subject to weather.