Ayurvedic Home Remedies

about this event

Learn how to turn simple ingredients into medicine and gain an understanding of how they work and why they’ve been used in Āyurveda for generations.

Āyurveda teaches us that substances have specific qualities and actions; cause and effect. This provides us insight into their therapeutic effect and opens up a world of discovery and application. Thus empowering us to become active participants in our well-being.

In this 2-day online workshop, we’ll explore a number of different recipes, remedies and rituals that you can start making right away.

Saturday & Sunday | July 23 & 24

The first part of the workshop will cover theory and principles; the why, what and how. Day two will focus on recipes and hands-on remedy making. From face masks to toothpowder to remedies for acid reflux, constipation, and headaches, we’ll make sure that your medicine cabinet is stocked!

Expand your ability to work with your body, understand its signals and apply your own wisdom to bring balance.

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