AWAKENING YOUR INTUITION: A Third Eye Workshop with Cyia Batten

about this event

If you are breathing, you are intuitive!

Intuition is a gift born naturally to each of us. Its purpose it to serve and assist you in living your most powerful & present life. Connecting to your intuitive gifts will support your authenticity, self-awareness and will help you better align you with your Divine purpose.

In this workshop, you will learn:

• what it means to be intuitive and how our bodies receive and integrate information.

• tools to uncover blocks that prevent us from opening up to our full awareness & psychic abilities.

• take home techniques to help better develop these inherent skills.

During our time together, there will be discussion, herbal teas, a meditation journey into the 6th chakra, exercises to play with intuitive gifts, deep connection, and a small gift to further assist your Third Eye work.

Cyia Batten is an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman + Energy Healer. A popular meditation teacher, speaker and wellness facilitator, Cyia’s workshops are always inspiring and awakening. You will leave the day with a wide open heart and deep connection to Self and to Energy.