Autumn Equinox

about this event

With Taylor Phinny Russell, Priestess of Avalon

Come celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year as we move through the gateway of the equinox into autumn. Equinoxes are points of balance, where we experience equality in daylight and darkness. They are a potent time for reflection, an opportunity to look back on all we have experienced since Spring Equinox last March. Contemplating what has worked and what has not, we discern what we would like to carry with us into the darker half of the year, expanding our vision across the horizon to next spring. Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, is the time in the Avalon tradition when we honor the Mother of Earth and Goddess Banba. It is the season to deeply honor the body of our earth mother, Her stones, rocks, crystals, and mineral kingdoms. She is the great provider and sustainer of life, She brings grounding and stability. For our ceremony, please dress in autumnal shades of orange and brown, like fall leaves. Bring a stone or earth object that is meaningful to you to charge on the altar.

Blessed Be!