Astrology School

about this event

Tickets must be purchased at or by calling (323) 362-2615. Ticket selection through this site is not valid for class entry.

The 22 Teachings “Understanding Astrological Energy” series developed by A.M. Penn employs an innovative approach to learning astrology. The curriculum is designed to give students an immersive experience into the energetic layers that make up the foundations of astrological practice.

Through this course student will acutely internalize, and thereby be able to intuitively remember, the archetypal energies at work in the zodiac, and in day-to-day life. A.M. will teach the traditional correspondences of the Western Mystery Tradition, as it has evolved to include modern scientific discoveries and advancements in the field of Astronomy and Western Astrology (such as outer planet associations) and she will also relay her findings garnered through the magical operation of pathworking.

This course is designed to give students a visceral understanding of the language of astrology and will serve anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of magic, the zodiac, tarot, or the Qabalistic tree of life.

Saturday afternoons from 2:00pm-4:00pm starting October 19th to December 14th (no class on November 23rd). Students who complete the course, have taken the Magic Fundamentals Prerequisite, and score 80% or higher on the final test will be given Certification of Completion.

Total for the course is $320. $280 deposit + $40 materials fee (due in cash on the first day of class) includes the following 8 classes:

Week 1: Understanding Western Astrology Energy Fundamentals
Week 2: The Energetic Formulas of Aries and Taurus
Week 3: The Energetic Formulas of Gemini and Cancer
Week 4: The Energetic Formulas of Leo and Virgo
Week 5: The Energetic Formulas of Libra and Scorpio
Week 6: The Energetic Formulas of Sagittarius and Capricorn
Week 7: The Energetic Formulas of Aquarius and Pisces
Week 8: Planetary Dignities, Polarities, and Class Conclusion

*Audio classes are available for any missed class.

Please bring paper and writing implement for notetaking. If desired also bring a re-sealable beverage and tarot deck, a Rider Waite-style deck is highly recommended.

Be prepared to leave this course transformed and enlightened!