Astrology 101: Coming to Consciousness Through the Natal Chart

about this event

One of the most powerful and time-tested tools we have available to us when it comes to understanding our purpose, our family patterns, and soul evolution beams down from the cosmos the moment we are born, creating the natal chart. Whether you’ve always been astro curious or would like to dive a bit deeper into the knowledge of your chart, this webinar is for you!

During this 75 minute virtual class, we will look at the natal chart from a western tropical astrological perspective. We will go over the basic archetypes of each of the twelve zodiac signs,houses, and planets, the importance of the elements in the chart, how to interpret the angles or the “math” of the chart, and more. We will weave between these concepts to understand which areas of our chart may be more conscious and integrated to us, and which areas may be unconcscious and waiting for us to explore and evolve through. 

The cosmos and the ancestral wisdom of thousands of years of night sky observance have blessed us with this gift of insight. The movement of the heavenly bodies dances within our own bodies and lives, as above so below. Through the exploration and guidance of our chart, we can move back into rythym with the cycles of the natural world while honoring the integrity and journey of the personal and collective soul. 

Please have a copy of your natal chart on hand to follow along with the webinar. You can pull this up either on or the app Time Passages. You will need your birthday, birth location, and birth time to pull up your natal chart. If you do not have your birth time, I recommend working with an astrologer for chart rectification. Please contact me at for recommendations to astrologers who specify in this skill. You will still gain a wealth of knowledge about your chart from this webinar without your birth time/ rising sign as we can usually have an accurate zodiac sign and aspecting angles for every planetary body from the day of birth with some exception to the moon.

Follow along at @hands.of.mercury for cosmic insights and guidance. Samantha offers 1:1 and group offerings centered around astrology, tarot, human design, and ceremony. She has been studying tarot for fifteen years and astrology for almost a decade, and has been facilitating moon circles and ceremonial offerings on her own and with her Mayan teachers in Guatemala for the past few years. More info and testimonials at