Art of Tabla – Immersive Finger Drumming Experience

about this event

Tabla is considered to be one of the most expressive melodic percussion instruments known to man. Its tonal qualities range from an array of subtle micro-tonal textures, melodic water-like resonance and pulsating walking bass lines.This class is geared towards the exploration of mnemonic syllables as a musical language, observation of movement by developing left/right brain independence, hand/finger touch sensitivity, relaxation by melodic and rhythmic entrainment.

Art of Tabla is a music school dedicated to teaching and performing Tabla.  (Located steps away from Dekalb Ave. off the L Train in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC) Siddhartha J. Mehta is the creator of  Art of Tabla located in Bushwick, NYC.  “…part of my mission is to promote wellness and healing through music, sound vibration and meditation while preserving the teachings and practices of Shabd & Nāda Yoga.”