Alchemized – The Retreat

about this event

Dear Beloved Sister,

You deserve to take a break, you deserve to let go, and you deserve to be held, seen, and surrounded by love.

You are worthy of rejuvenation, a new beginning, a return to your essence, and a reawakening that surpasses your imagination.

Step into a transformative journey where you can set free the wild, creative, wise, and unseen facets of your being.

Release what no longer serves you. Grieve, heal, and desire change. 

Embrace this 5-day immersion in self-love to nurture the areas in need of care, clarity, and focus.

This retreat is an invitation for your mind, body, soul, and spirit to harmonize, a sacred space where every part of you is cherished and nurtured.

An invitation to be nurtured, held, seen, and uplifted as you embark on a journey into the sacred and feminine corners of your soul.

Through hands-on guidance and within small groups, this intimate setting offers an ideal haven for your journey of healing, transformation, and awakening. Here, your progress will unfold in a secure, efficient, and beautifully integrated manner.

What´s Included:

  • Daily Feminine Centered Yoga Sessions
  • Guided Meditations, Tantric Meditations
  • Embodied and Experienced Mentor, that is ready to hold your Empowering Sisterhood
  • Safe Space for Your Soul Journey
  • Transformative Workshops Sacred Cacao Ceremony BreathworkSession
  • Embodiment Sessions Release Ritual
  • Live Concert and Sound Healing Journey
  • Beautiful Workbook, that you can use during and after the retreat
  • Freetime to get to know your new sisters, Journal, Nap, Swim in the Pool or enjoy the
  • Lush gardens in our sanctuary
  • Yoga Nidra Session Ecstatic Dance
  • Goddess Photoshooting
  • Deepening your connection with nature and your Highest Self Creative Expression Activity or Voice Activation
  • Accommodation in a breathtaking art space and park
  • Food, drinks, water, teas, and snacks
  • After the Retreat 1:1 Online After Retreat Integration Session with me
  • ​Sacred Sexuality Workshop
  • The Art of Letting Go
  • Intuition
  • Sacred Feminine + Sacred Masculine Energy
  • Workshop: Sacred sound healing journey with shamanic drums and singing bowls live music by Ale
  • guided meditation, and spiritual leading by Tosca
  • Sacred cacao ceremony

What Makes This Retreat Special

  • Get deeply nourished on an emotional and spiritual level
  • Alchemize your emotions and feelings into empowering states of being Connect with the feminine energy fields within and around you
  • Give yourself permission to feel everything that moves you, everything that is within you
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and past traumas
  • Make lifelong friendships with your new soul sisterhood Immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature
  • Commit to your personal growth & spiritual expansion Discover yourself and step onto the path of lifelong self-love Tune into your goddess potential
  • Express yourself creatively

You get the unique opportunity to let go of old stuck emotions, expectations, and thought patterns, that are holding you back.


Rediscover your inner child and reconnect with the parts of you that have been forgotten. It’s time to reintegrate her into your being.

Receive our aromatic and Ayurvedic or Energy healing treatments amidst the embrace of nature, further enriching your experience.

With joy and honor, we welcome you to our sanctuary of healing, transformation, and awakening – a slice of tropical Canarian paradise that awaits you for this transformative journey.

You will feel held. You will feel loved. You will feel relaxed. You will feel supported. You will feel looked after. You will feel joyful.

With Love & Anticipation,

Tosca Peric

Feminine Embodiment & Leadership Coach 

500-hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher & Retreat Facilitator