Affirmation Candle-Making x Plant Medicine Workshop

about this event

Join Leslie (Yo Soy Candle) and Meg (Honor Essences) for this very special Valentine’s Day workshop experience! This workshop is great for the singles, friends, family and folks in a relationship… Everyone!

We will begin at The Candle Creation Bar where you will get to choose from 20 different aromas and be guided through a self loving and empowering experience of creating your own magical scent, pouring your own candle and writing your own I AM statement to pair with it. Each participant will receive a 16oz tumbler vessel for their handmade candle.

Next, we’ll gather in a safe container to connect to our deep inner knowing, create a flower and gem essence, create a mantra to accompany your essence and laugh a lot on the process. Make your very own intuitive medicine and get more deeply in touch with the intelligence of plants to support you to more deeply connect with your intuition – your essence, on your healing journey. Do you want to connect more deeply with your gut or intuition – the voice that knows deeply what you need? Do you want to deepen your connection to plant medicine and nature? Are you in need of emotional support for healing with no side effects? Join Meg on this beautiful journey to Self-Love.

What’s included:

  • All materials and guidence to craft your own scented Affirmation Candle  
  • All materials and intimate guidence to customize your intuitive Flower and Gem Essence blend 
  • Customized mantras
  • Deep spiritual medicine and a healing experience in a safe container
  • Non-alchoholic beverages and a vegan chocolate treat will be offered

Only 12 seats are available. Come celebrate with us!