Across Generations | Conversations with Modern Elders

about this event

For millennia, humans gathered around bonfires to hear and tell stories. On certain occasions, they were joined by a special guest. An elder would graciously take part in the conversation, sharing captivating stories and their perspective on the challenges and joys of the time.

With their panoramic view of reality, the elder would not offer their personal stories as entertainment only, but as a deeper understanding of the arc of human life. As inspiration, guidance and, when needed, solace for other generations. Younger people around the bonfire would share their own personal journeys and see them through the lens of the elder’s wisdom.

Across Generations recreates that experience for our modern times.

Join us for an evening of intimate reflection and conversations with a true elder of our times.


You will be part of a celebration of the wisdom that comes from a self-examined life.

Our guest will share life experiences, stories of struggle and of achievements, her emotional journey through it all and what she learned from it. Participants will have the opportunity to ask her questions and engage in an insightful exchange of ideas.

The 90-min experience will be complemented by artists who will share their music, poetry and immersive meditative journeys with participants.


Across Generations was born from a yearning for spaces where different generations could meet and meaningfully connect with each other. To make this event accessible to all, it is a conscious-donation-based event and free for those who need be. In the spirit of reciprocity, we encourage participants to contribute with whichever amount they feel comfortable with.

Donations will benefit The Rose Art Foundation, our guest’s nonprofit that donates electric wheelchairs as a way to increase the dignity and wellbeing of immobilized patients, who without them would be cut from many moments of human connection.


Our guest: Varda Yoran

Varda Yoran is an artist, writer and a learner.

She was born in China to Jewish parents who left Russia to seek refuge from anti-Semitism, famine and pogroms. She spent her first 20 years in China, where she survived the Japanese occupation. When Mao Tse Tung’s China didn’t welcome foreigners anymore, she was able to move to Israel with her twin sister. That is where, for the first time in her life, she felt a true sense of home and belonging. When she was 50, her husband’s work took her and her family to the US, where she started a new chapter in her life, flourishing as an artist.

Varda runs the Rose Art Foundation, she is part of a philosophy group that meets once a month to discuss topics like happiness and forgiveness, before COVID she was learning new sculpting techniques at a clay studio and now she’s exploring digital tools for drawing.

She is 91 years old and is an active member of her many communities. She is a wisdom carrier.

You can read more about Varda here.