Julie Piatt



Julie Piatt aka “SriMati” is a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer who has lived her life immersed in devotion and expansive creativity. She shares her wisdom from a multitude of life events that she experienced as processes of alchemical transformation in her member-based community Water Tiger. Acting as a spiritual guide, Julie uses Water Tiger as a devotional offering to remind others of their own spiritual nature. Her raw vulnerability and direct candor in sharing her own life experience is a warm invitation for us to embrace our own life experiences with a divine perspective and unconditional love. Her internationally acclaimed podcast, “For The Life of Me,” is another platform where she offers musings in her approach to find our purpose, conscious parenting, food as medicine, what it means to live a life of devotion and how to experience deep intimacy in a relationships along with her transcendent, healing and soothing music.

Julie has created over 500 plant-based recipes inspired by cooking for her husband and four children. Many of these inspiring family recipes are featured in her three best selling cookbooks The Plant Power Way, The Plant Power Way: Italia, and This Cheese is Nuts! Now in her sacred offering of healing for our world, SriMu;Do Life, Not Cheese, Julie adorns the mantel of cheese doyenne with pure intentions and powerful dedication to offer all of us a more beautiful life. She is a powerful living example of how to love ourselves more so that we can live our unique design in full and expansive self expression. When we live in this frequency, we bless all life around us.


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