Atrium Creative

Atrium Creative


With 15+ years of experience working in the music industry, longtime friends and colleagues Julia Willinger and Chrissy Stuart co-founded Atrium after noticing a lack of discourse around mental health for artists. Initially launched as a global retreat for musicians, Atrium has hosted trips in Nicaragua, Brazil, Joshua Tree, and has expanded into international workshops and events for individuals and groups that bridge wellbeing and mental health with the arts and creativity through expressive arts, meditation, body movement, and counseling.

We believe that community, collaboration, and imagination are vital to creative circles and foster these values through our retreats, workshops and events. We support individuals in finding their flow and inspiration by offering a true retreat from the intense demands placed on artists in today’s world. Atrium inspires creative expression and collaboration through a distinct focus on environment, wellness and community. Atrium’s ethos links back to creating a space—whether that is on a retreat, in a workshop, or at an event—that fosters a pause and interception. This can allow for an opening into a different landscape and potential recalibration.

Atrium provides artists and industry professionals with tools and resources to aid in daily pressures and demanding schedules. These pressures can generate anxiety, depression, and substance dependency, often leading to creative blocks and burnout.Atrium works with brands, companies & artists looking to support mental health and creativity within their organization. We specialize in bespoke workshops, retreats, & discussions with an emphasis on creativity, wellbeing, leadership, activism, and mindfulness. If you are aligned with our work reach out to explore how we can work together.