Our working list of company policies and practices we’ve centered as our part in evolution. Our commitments to use our resources & platform to drive action & evolution include:

We Are Learning

As humble students of life, we are listening and we are learning. This is the awareness we come from today:  

  • We will make mistakes: The path towards evolution begins with taking steps and continually reflecting, owning our mistakes and growing. We will be transparent about our mistakes, correct them and grow
  • Understanding over Judgement: We hold space for others in the same way, wherever they are on their journey. We hold them in love, while still advocating for our own values + beliefs
  • We are Shadow + Light: We celebrate the wins and call out low-vibes to transform them. We are both, this is human
  • We are Now: What we are today, we aren’t tomorrow. We learn something new everyday. We are ever evolving and our platform will showcase that journey
  • We welcome discourse: We are better together. We learn from each other and differing opinions. We receive with open hearts + ears and practice with non-violent communication techniques


  • Physical + Spiritual: Believing we are all one can only happen when we are all treated as one. We call in and call out spiritual bypass work and reconcile it with the world in which we live. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here on this earth now
  • Equality: We purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of Socioeconomic Status, Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Preference, Geography, Disabled People, Environmental Protection, Sustainability, Regeneration and the impact(s) and intersectionality they have on the organization, its systems, its community and the planet
  • Equitable Events: Our ticket scholarship program encourages all events listed on our platform to offer tickets to those who are unable to provide a financial exchange at the time. If you are unable to offer free spaces to your event we encourage you to provide payment plan options (available through our system) or tiered / sliding scale pricing
  • Brave Spaces: We maintain an environment where employees feel brave to discuss all topics and the importance it has on our organization and our lives outside of work 
  • Reverence: We acknowledge the Native origins of practices and hold our creators accountable to the same
  • Anti-Racism work: We pay BIPOC leaders for company-wide anti-racism education
  • Team Diversity: We are a small team and as we grow we will implement diversity in hiring. Beyond stating that CCG is an equal opportunity employer, staff diversity targets will be established across race, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical ability
  • Sustainability & Regenerative Impact Assessments: Prior to introducing or supporting any new experiences, products or pricing that we are responsible for producing, we will conduct a SRIA to examine its
  • economic viability
  • environmental protection and regeneration
  • social equity
  • Accessibility: To ensure those with impaired vision can still enjoy the site, using chromatic contrast for those with color blindness, and, where we are able, adding image descriptions to online and social media imagery. All future videos will be captioned for the hearing impaired
  • Honoring all gender identities: All staff include their pronouns in our signatures and bios. We will also use ‘welcome guests, distinguished guests’ and be thoughtful on how we welcome audiences. This practice is an effective way of normalizing discussions about gender and creating an inclusive work environment for transgender and non-binary people
  • Sharing: Before entering into partnerships with any individual or group interested in partnership with us, share + discuss our values and policies and find alignment