The Four Horsemen

James Murphy of LCD Sound System must love wine, because the small Williamsburg restaurant he co-founded is all about natural wine. Part bar and part dining room, they have a wine list disproportionally long to the size of their space. The servers are all very knowledgeable about wine and patient enough to guide you.

While I’m not the ideal reviewer for this restaurant (I don’t drink and don’t have the very-Brooklyn tastes their menu appeals to), my friends love it so I’ve found myself here more than once and always have a good time. The atmosphere is lively and comfortable, making it ideal for a first date or a solo meal at the bar.

To go with that wine, they serve homemade bread and butter, which I’m told is “biblically good” (I also don’t eat gluten… I know, I’m a fun dinner date). The rest of the menu is also highly rated and pairs well with the wine, but has a lot of fried options (fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried zucchini flowers…) so this Californian finds it too “comfort” to be comfortable on the digestion.

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