Surya Spa

Sometimes you just want a treatment that gets the job done, and you’re not too concerned about the whole experience. But other times, that’s all you really want and need… a complete spa experience. Well, Surya Spa is it. Luxurious, sensuous, healing and relaxing.

Surya Spa is a paradise for people who want a real and luxe Ayurvedic experience. With the guidance of Martha Soffer, Ayurvedic doctor and herbalist, guests get to enjoy the mix of traditional practices in a modern environment.

Indulge in the four-handed massage, where two skilled practitioners use special oils to provide deep relaxation. We also love the chocolate body scrub and recently tried the Yoni- Steam which includes a 20 minute facial. It is bliss having your arms and shoulders massaged while getting said yoni steamed.

Surya’s pièce de résistance is its signature 3-28 day Panchakarma Series. If you’re ready to go deep and do a proper PK this is your place. While it’s definitely not budget friendly (you could probably fly to India and find somewhere to do it for the same price) you’re cared for in a haven that is worth every penny.

We’re always open to gift certificates from Surya, and don’t forget to say YES to the spa bread.

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