Open Closit

Open Closit let’s you rent and list designer fashion.

The category of ‘extended fashion lifecycle’ continues to grow and we’re not mad about it, at all. Open Closit is serving the LA (and beyond, by delivery) community in a way that gives and receives. You can list your designer items and earn every time it rents out, as well as rent designer items for your next special occasion.

Our own Conscious City Guide co-founder Mel Nahas has listed items from her wardrobe and rented others’ items and LOVES the service Johanna and the team provides. Clothes she would usually see just sitting in her wardrobe, are regularly making deposits in her bank account cha-ching !

If you’re in LA they’ve just opened a store in Santa Monica where you can try before you rent, otherwise just head to their site and visit your new online wardrobe.

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