Modern ŌM Bungalow

Modern ŌM is a family-owned brand that was founded in 2015. Initially, the founder and one of Conscious City Guide’s initial community supporters, Myk Likhov, started hosting meditations in his loft to share mindful tools with the Miami community. What started as a small group grew into a leading local practice community. They even organized Miami’s first Mindfulness Festival and an 800 person meditation at Brickell City Centre.

During the lockdown, Modern ŌM adapted and went virtual, utilizing Zoom to connect facilitators across different spiritual practices, geographies, and cultures. This continuous virtual connection lasted for an impressive 543 consecutive days, allowing them to meet and connect with numerous incredible individuals.

As Miami gradually returned to life and transformed into a global destination, Modern ŌM thrived by offering diverse, consistent, and world-class programming to a growing wave of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals. Their consistency, coupled with an ethos of kindness and open-mindedness, has established Modern ŌM as a trusted spiritual hub for our generation of seekers.

Today, Modern ŌM has evolved into a curated membership for individuals who are dedicated to training their spirit. To learn more about their membership, you can apply here.

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