Modern Love

The love child of Isa Moscowitz, once a Post Punk Kitchen blogger and now a bestselling cookbook author, Modern Love is “swanky vegan comfort food.”

This South Williamsburg restaurant is easy to find: a huge mural with its name marks the spot on S 1st & Union. With indoor & outdoor seating, this is a great spot for all seasons, but cooler days especially suited to the hearty meals.

Aesthetically, the space strikes a balance between the ornate and familiar, just like their menu. Modern Love’s gastronomic creations are adorned with sumptuous sauces, flawlessly fried proteins, and generous portions.

The chickpea parm is a crowd pleaser and perfect for a rainy night. My personal favorite is the Brooklyn Fried Tofu. Each morsel of tofu is enveloped in a savory batter and expertly fried to the perfect crunch.

Modern Love’s seasonal menu changes, so check their instagram for changes, additions & specials.

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