Love Life Cafe

We first met Veronica and Diego from Love Life Cafe through Julie Piatt / Srimati founder of Srimu and Rich Roll. They brought them out to chef our annual Plantpower Way Italia reterat that we’ve produced for them over the last several years. What amazing food we were nourished with over the week! You can experience their food next time you’re looking for organic vegan food in Miami.

Love Life Cafe Miami is a socially responsible eatery that aims to provide nourishing and delicious food options for its customers. Located in the vibrant Wynwood neighborhood, the cafe offers a diverse menu featuring plant-based and whole food options, with an emphasis on organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Their commitment to social responsibility extends beyond their menu, as they actively support a range of causes and initiatives, including promoting animal welfare, sustainable farming practices, and community development. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Love Life Cafe Miami creates a space where individuals can enjoy wholesome meals while contributing to a greater purpose.

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