Honest Rituals

Honest Rituals is renowned as Topanga’s premier Holistic Skincare and Sugaring Studio. They offer a diverse range of exclusive healing and rejuvenating treatments for both Men and Women, targeting holistic skin revitalization.

Among their many specialties, The Sculpting Facial Massage stands out as a non-surgical approach that effectively uplifts, tones, firms, and restores facial balance through the power of massage techniques. This exceptional treatment harnesses the harmonious fusion of elements to renew both skin and energy, making it particularly beneficial for clients with TMJ or teeth clenching and grinding habits. Honest Rituals also boasts a comprehensive brow bar and an enticing facial menu, all of which feature the use of organic skincare products for a truly natural and holistic experience.

They also have visiting practitioners offering other styles including our favorite bodyworker: Amber Lee of Plant As Compass.

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