Hale Organic Salon

Hale’s purpose-driven owner, Joe Murray, has a heightened sensitivity to chemicals, which inspired him to seek out the cleanest products and curate a truly organic experience in his salon.

His Tribeca salon is an expansive 2,200 square feet space filled with natural light but no chemical fumes. This isn’t just because of the top of the line ventilation system, the salon also avoids ammonia and toxic products as much as possible. For the more toxic keratin treatments and spritzes of hairspray, there’s a secluded “fume room”, equipped with its own ventilation system.

And he’s made his salon eco from top to bottom: the floors are repurposed weathered barn walls, the dividers were sourced from a 19th-century rectory, and the closet doors were salvaged from a factory in Philadelphia. And what is new was all acquired with conscience: the cutting chairs, were crafted from responsibly-harvested wood.

This makes the salon a haven for expectant mothers who want to avoid exposure to toxins.

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