Garden Carver

Garden Carver is a vegan “butcher,” carving up plant-based comfort food for people who love the taste of meat but not its ecological effects. They have friend “Chicken,” a croissant breakfast sandwich made with Just Egg, and even a vegan Charcuterie. I had the house-made “meat”ball, which was delicious… and very meat-y.

The plant-based pastries (from L’imprimerie in Bushwick), bread (from Choc O Pain in Jersey City) are also winners. My sister raves about their cinnamon bun and comes here frequently for their creative coffee and tea drinks.

It’s intended as a take-out place, but the floral decor and cute street seating make this a place you’ll want to linger, especially over a lavender latté (with oat milk, of course).

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