Healer Collective’s Spring Renewal

about this event

Talia Eisenberg and Ashley Southard of the Healer Collective invite you to join us for a Spring Renewal cacao and Easy Breathwork™ experience with Tamara Edwards. 

Welcome the new energies of spring as Tamara guides you through Easy Breathwork™ with cacao, sound therapy, and somatic integration.

Cacao will open the heart to allow you to access the body’s innate gifts of healing and balance and reconnect to the flow that makes life fun, and inspires you. 

Let it be easy.Enjoy the yin and yang style practice of breathwork with cacao, somatic integration and sound therapy.

Tamara is an ongoing student of somatic healing, breathwork, nervous systems, trauma relief, subtle energy, meditation, regenerative yoga, sound instruments and plant medicine. Through a combination of these fields and modalities, Tamara offers a reliable path to down-regulating the nervous system and arriving in wholeness with as much of the moment as we can tolerate. 

This offering comes from 3 years deep in the jungle cultivating an intimate relationship with the cacao tree, harvested from the remote area in which she lived, and healing through her breathwork practice. 

Easy Breathwork™

Easy Breathwork™ is a simple, easy, and safe breathing technique to facilitate healing, and unwind stress, tension, trauma from the body, and to restore a sense of well-being. Through this circular breathing method we are able to peel back habitual layers of protection in order to access and digest emotional holding patterns. Body and mind align in the present moment, allowing the body to clear itself of deeply held tension and fear.


The cacao is harvested from a remote location in Costa Rica with no pollution. The cacao assists in activation, opening of heart, and grounding. A ceremonial dose will be served for therapeutic effect.

Somatic Integration with sound

Lay your body down and continue to let go in a deep restorative posture to allow the changes that have occurred to integrate. Receive vibration healing through sound and hands on assistance to further integrate.


Before departing have an opportunity to draw, write, share, and commune with nature before closing. 

This combination of activation and integration practices is a complete somatic process that will leave you feeling lighter, inspired, and embodied. Expect to feel like you’ve landed in the right place at the right time,  heal wounds from the past, receive insights, and to continue to notice the changes in your body, behavior, responses, and overall sense of well-being in the days ahead.