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Change Careers CIRCLE: The Time Between (afternoon)

about this event

 Sit in a virtual circle with fellow career changers to share and listen to each other’s experiences of the time in between changes.

When we circle together, we bring our hearts, our listening and our speaking to the center, and we co-create a space for insights to spontaneously emerge.

Do you want to change careers but you are not yet sure what to pursue next? It’s quite different from changing careers knowing what you want!

During this “in-between” time it can feel like no one else shares your experience, or you might feel overwhelmed with possibilities, feel like you have absolutely no idea what to do next, or be anywhere in between. Sounds familiar? Changing careers is incredibly common but also unique to each person. And there is something special that happens when you can share a little time with fellow career changers on the journey – with no pressure to get anywhere. There is Wisdom to be found during this time in your life when something else is calling you, but you don’t know what it is yet. Together we will explore leaning into the unknown and expanding your capacities to find your own unique path – all in your own timing.

Each circle will take place live online and will be INTERACTIVE. Choose between participating at 9 am or at 5 pm Pacific (Los Angeles time). You can calculate your local time to participate here. You only need to participate once.

How to Prepare:

  • Create your own sacred space: pick a quiet place, light a candle, declutter the area around your computer
  • Please have with you a piece/object that represents you/what you feel in this moment in time, or that represents your intention for our virtual circle
  • Take a few minutes to slow down and be present before joining the call
  • Make sure to have what you need to eat and drink either before or next to you, so you can be fully present for the duration of our gathering
  • This is a completely live and interactive meeting and you will need to be fully present and participate.
  • No one will be able to join after the initial check in to protect the integrity of the Circle


  • This Virtual Circle will be live online. Please connect a little before our starting time so we can begin on time (or close enough!)
  • You only need to participate once for each Circle (at 9 am or 5 pm Pacific) – pick the time that works best for you
  • Please make sure you have fast and reliable internet connection, video camera, headphones and mic as needed to participate.
  • Please be on video to fully participate in the virtual circle. It can feel very awkward to others sharing if they cannot see you 🙂
  • People who leave Zoom on but do not participate (video off, not responsive) will be disconnected from the call to protect the integrity of the Circle
  • Although a Zoom app is available, I highly recommend you plan on attending using your laptop or desktop computer.
  • This virtual circle is open to anybody from anywhere in the world
  • By participating you agree to keep all that people share, including their names and identities, confidential.
  • No recordings or screenshots are allowed

About Repurpose Your Purpose

My name is Aurora Meneghello and I am a Transformative Coach, Facilitator, and Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose. I work with individuals and groups from all over the world. My work is all about opening up space for your Wisdom to show up when you are going through change. I work primarily with career changers who are not sure what they want to do next, and with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their work and profit holistically.

A couple of times a year I host a group program to change careers, you can sign up for the waiting list here

Why this event is offered as a gift

From the very beginning I committed to hosting some events and programs that would be open to all – with no expectation of financial contribution. These events are offered as gifts, in the spirit of community – as a space where to unwind, relax, be yourself, and feel inspired.

If you would like to support these events and Repurpose Your Purpose’s commitment to always offer some of its programs in the spirit of gift, please choose an amount you would like to contribute when you register. The amount is completely up to you, and pitching in is optional.