Breath + Beats

about this event

An uplifting meditation and sound bath journey using breathwork and buffalo drums to take you deep into your subconsious.


Our breath and heartbeat serve as constant reminders of our natural rhythms. 

However, these biorhythms are quickly drowned out in the noise of modern life, which tells us that we need to keep going, striving for more, never stopping to focus on ourselves. 

If we are to break free from the cycles of stress and outdated trauma patterns that many of us have stuffed away, we must answer the call to become more in sync with the innate nature of our bodies. 

Inspired by my own healing experiences with breathwork and drums, I have designed an in-person experience to help you to slow down, come back into your body and reconnect with your natural rhythm.

Both drumming and breathwork are practices that have been used in ancient and indigenous cultures to aid health and wellbeing. 

Breathwork and drums utilize the language of your body to take you into a deeper meditative state – a trance state – changing your brain waves to theta where you absorb and learn more easily and heal faster. Trance states combined with the power of visualization and elevated emotions re-pattern your mind, helping you to become one step closer to your Highest Self.

This class offers a rejuvenating experience for those seeking more clarity and connection to their inner workings.


What people are saying: 

“Thank you Liz for providing this healing session in April! I’m so grateful I could experience your well crafted healing session. It was truly inspiring and profound in less than one hour!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommended to anyone that is looking to break through stuck emotions and breathe out stagnant energy!” Melinda

“Wow Wow – transformative! This Breath + Beats class was amazing. My vision into the future is so clear and it’s opening my mind and heart. Thank you Liz for the lovely experience. I will definitely be back for another class.” Diego

“I enjoyed Liz’s Breath & Beats meditation journey a lot! It was so different from any meditation that I’ve done before and perfect for a beginner. It had such a playful feel to it.” Laura


Who am I?

Hi! I’m Liz, a Los Angeles based breathwork coach. 

My mission is to help the world become more whole, healed, and well. 

I’m here to guide heart-centered, passionate people through radical reimagining, intentional integration and energetic evolution so that you can create your most inspired, vibrant life.

My own healing and creative journey has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. I’ve navigated coming to terms with childhood trauma, PTSD, depression, social anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, toxic relationships, body shame, behavioral addictions and creative block. 

I spent over a decade of my life seeking healing and well-being through mindfulness, creativity, inner child work, self love and somatic healing. I’ve worked with professionals in therapy and with coaches to reprogram my mind. I became certified in breathwork and meditation because it has been transformational in my own healing and in the healing journeys of my clients!

Check me out at @iamlizsanders on Instagram or my website at