Top Conscious Events in NYC this Week

April 24 – 30
  • Wednesday Apr 26| New York City

    Community Circle For Personal Growth

    Are you feeling stagnant and in need of growth?   In this experience, we come together to explore a chosen topic for the month and share our personal knowledge in a supportive environment. You will be …
  • Thursday Apr 27| Elmont

    BLACK SPECTRUM THEATRE CO. PRESENTS Timeless: Mystery of the Dark Water

    A man named Kyle has unexplained haunting nightmares. By chance, he meets Mya, the beautiful psychologist who uses her work in dream therapy to help him understand his recurring nightmares. Instead of …
  • Friday Apr 28| New York City

    Tea and Sound Evening Experience

    All senses are involved in Tea appreciation, experience presence and connect with the moment listening to sound vibrations while grounding yourself through the magic of Tea! A special evening session with …
  • Wednesday Apr 26| New York City

    Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing with Florencia Fridman

    Join us Wednesday March 29th for an evening of healing led by Cacao Lab co-founder Florencia Fridman. Cacao helps us connect to the natural world and has been used as a ceremonial beverage in indigenous …

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