Shanti Yoga Training School


Our School has over a decade of programs and certification offerings.

As a leader in yoga trainings and certifications, we are proud to have worked with and certified some of the industri’s top yoga teachers, not limited to the US, but also internationally.

Our method has been tested, applied, and evolved over the years. Working with thousands of yoga students, our teachers have witnessed incredible life changing positive results.

Standing on the shoulders of the past, we respect tradition and history while staying open to new discoveries and evolution: knowing that the practice of yoga is ever evolving and growing. 

We honor each student and where they’re at because yoga is a practice of radical acceptance.

Our method is primarily inspired and influenced by Ashtanga Yoga (vinyasa) and Iyengar Yoga (alignment).

Our lead trainer Nathalie Croix, has over two decades of teaching experience. 

Nathalie lived in Los Angeles and worked for YogaWorks studios. 

Your Lead Trainer, Nathalie, is a SmartFlow yoga certified teacher, with four extensive trips to Mysore, India where she studied under her teacher ashtanga master Pattabhi Jois. Nathalie has a four year dance kinesiology bachelor degree. She studied extensively under Maty Ezraty, YogaWorks founder, as well as with Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford. Nathalie is E-RYT 500, leads retreats and yoga trainings. She is the author of three books, Living Life In Light, A Yogi’s Journey, The LIGHT CODE Planner, and Light Code. Nathalie is the host of LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST, a lover of living teas and all things related to tea ceremonies, nature and animals. In her programs Nathalie celebrates diversity and divinity in all beings.