Eben Oroz Yoga

Eben Oroz Yoga


Eben Oroz teaches a uniquely intense style of yoga, inspired as much from the most ancient forms of yoga to his own experiences as a clinical psychologist working with easting disorders, his time as a professional MMA fighter, and in-depth study of consciousness via months of isolation in India and psychedelic plants.

The mission statement of EBEN OROZ YOGA is to increase consciousness globally. Yoga and meditation are ancient human skills. Because we live in such exciting times and are moving towards both opportunity and great instability, meditation is not just a peripheral hobby but a necessary human skill for all members of the 21st century.

Every class, every retreat, every blog post, every shirt, every product is created with the intention of pushing this message of consciousness and meditation forward into as many sub-spaces of our culture as possible.

“Eben is truly a wise teacher and leader;He never asks of you what he hasn’t done himself, he never falters in his integrity, he teaches not from trend or popularity but the truth of the practice.”
– Megan Eastman, an old friend, and fellow yoga teacher