Benjamin Torre

Generator 6/2 | LAX of Prevention Ben is a worldly well known Life Changer.

Student of Universal Knowledge, Ben is recognized as a Human Design Role Model, who translates spiritual knowledge into the world and bridges science with spirituality by demonstrating to humanity how to be their own authority.

Leaving the doing and surrendering to the being, Public Speaker & Visionary Mystic, he founded The HUB27 and The Rising Phoenix Podcast, to support 6th line being and the transition that will emerge in 2027.

BenLifeChanger is an Experience, a Modern Quantum Wizardry to experience Life itself It starts where all practice starts: with self-discipline and reliance, inspiration, continuity, willpower, personal resilience, a yearning to grow, to live as yourself and a huge desire to thrive. It is a frequency, a practice, a real transformation in all the aspects and areas of your life.


The work has 4 core components: The Human Design System ° BreathWork ° Universal Knowledge ° Psychedelic

Offerings between 1:1 and groups sessions are: Mystical DJ Sound Bath Journey Human Design Workshops & Immersion Breathwork Journey Public Speaking / Seminars