about this event

During this collective healing circle you will learn a simple and powerful way to access the ZeroPoint Energy field (pure consciousness), activate your energy, remove stuck/dark energies within yourself and replace them with new powers of your own choice. 

Esteban spent three years in silence in a state of constant meditation – one year sitting, one year walking, and one year running. Throughout this time energy was simultaneously the source, the goal, and the way. He learned to self-heal energetically and discover how limitless our human potential is when we align with our inner force. 

For the last seven years he has been healing and empowering many souls. He is adamant that each one of us can develop the ability to heal any kind of traumas, blockages, or diseases, and is eager to show you how.

No prior experience in meditation required. Just bring an open heart, your energy, and let the magic of the group do the work.