about this event

UNIFIED FORCE INTELLIGENCE is a collective of advanced healers & change-makers committed to spread self-healing principles and empower humans to take full sovereignty over their own reality. Check out for more details. 

During our opening ceremony, each one of us  identifies one core blockage/trauma to heal. Meher Madon (Akashic Records reader/healer, India) calls in the spirits, opens the circle, and gets everyone centered and relaxed into the collective field, using drumming, invocation rituals and meditation. Esteban Ecclesia (ZPE Transformation teacher, France) activates our Heart centers and assists us in transmuting collectively the stuck energy blocking our body fields into a new life-force. Then we take time to integrate our experience, exchange and build community.

Healthy snacks and refreshments are served. Please reserve your spot early. Space is limited and outdoors. So bring any warm clothes needed. Many thanks to our hosts and partners Alex and Brian and their powerful integrative alignment therapy. Join our mailing list at or Instagram for future monthly events.