Your Chariot Awaits: A workshop and ritual to call in your 2023 adventure

about this event

 Join us for this special morning of working with tarot, numerology, astrology, and ritual to manifest the journey you desire for 2023. 


We’ve arrived—the year 2023!

According to tarot numerology, 2023 is a Chariot year.

The Chariot is about creating and enjoying a life that takes you Home to yourself. Where your gifts are being used and appreciated, and each day brings more purpose and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Sweet Chariot!

In this 2023 Chariot year, you have the support of the universe to get things moving in a direction that serves your highest good and your soul’s journey.

This workshop and ritual are for you if:

+ You’re ready to get unstuck and create movement in your life and business in 2023

+ You’re a seeker and want to take advantage of the numerological and astrological forces that can support you this year

+ You want to create a more intentional, purpose-driven existence where you feel more connected to your sacred life

+ You want to call in more authentic personal power to come Home to yourself every day

+ You want to connect with other like-minded people and have some fun

In this workshop and ritual, we will:

+ Get clarity on what you want via meditation, journaling and personal intuitive readings

+ Learn about the current planetary transits, numerology/tarot energy that can support your visions

+ Create small personal objects called talismans that you can physically carry and attract what you want throughout the new year

+ Identify personal action steps to meet spirit in getting the Chariot wheels moving

Note: Materials will be supplied for the talisman, but feel free to bring other objects that aide you in building your vision in addition to what we offer. More details to follow after registration.

Your guides for this workshop and ritual are: Intuitive Coach, Carolyn Hori, and Tarot & Ritual Guide, Nicole Matthiesen.