Your Aligned Purpose Digital Summit 7/31 – 8/2/2020

about this event

NOW more than every mental health, wellness, and community are imperative for us to continue to TRiVE🌅👁 💜

Join us for 3 days of inspiring content from a diverse group of 36 world-renowned Teachers, DJ’s, Artists, and Speakers. All from the comfort of your home. This Online Summit is fully accessible on any device and all the content is free to you for 14 days after your purchase so you can feel free to take a class, listen to an inspiring talk, or learn how to cook an epic meal whenever YOU want!

Is my answer to uplifting the vibe while serving YOU as part of the Tribe! The tribe of Optimists, Go Getters, Movement Makers and Society Shakers! 😜The tribe of those who still BELIEVE in a future of harmony built on Presence in LOVE.

💜Together WE Rise Above🙏


Andrew 7 Sealy