Writing for Transformation + Empowerment: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Writing for Transformation + Empowerment: Looking Back, Moving Forward with Diana Raab

Saturday, April 25th | 6 – 8 PM | $40 Early Bird, $45 Day Of

In this two-hour intensive workshop, you’ll discover how to nurture and inspire the dormant writer inside of you. This workshop creates a safe environment for exploring your unique story and telling it as only you can. You’ll be introduced to discussion and writing exercises and will be supported through the entire process via meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and other practices to help access the writer within you.

This is an introductory workshop offering powerful techniques to encourage and stimulate self-actualization through the writing process. You may find that you come away from this workshop with nuggets of ideas to set you on your writing journey, help you navigate a path you’ve already begun, and/or help you cultivate your essential and innate creative spirit.

Please bring a journal and a pen with you.


Diana Raab, PhD, is an award-winning writer and educator who is the author of ten books including Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life, and its accompanying companion journal. She holds memoir-writing workshops and often teaches and writes nationally on healing for transformation. Raab is a regular blogger for Psychology Today, Wisdom Daily, Thrive Global, and more. She lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she practices daily meditation and yoga.

Please visit: www.Dianaraab.com.

Testimonials about Diana’s Workshops:

“Humble, knowledgeable, teaches and speaks from her heart; transfers knowledge in a style and in a way that makes it easy to learn from her. A true gem of a human—funny, fun, and happy.” `

~ Jack Hershorn, Sacred Space, Summerland, CA

“Diana has an inviting and sincere demeanor. Before a word was spoken, her presence floated into the class. She welcomes everyone with an open spirit, sprinkling the process of writing with positivity.”

~ Randi Rabin, MA, MFT

“I loved the openness that was created, the safety and the freedom.”

~ Christen Brown