Womxn’s Temple + Healing Breathwork Journey: Uniting the Mind & Heart

about this event

As we’re catapulted into a new chapter of our lives by this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini…

How can we unite the desires of our Mind & Heart so that we’re moving forward in HARMONY?

A multiplicity of personalities and perspectives exists within each one of us. And when we cultivate balance between the mind and heart, light and dark, and inner and outer…we are able to receive the gifts of polarity — true acceptance and expression of our whole, authentic self.

This Virtual Womxn’s Temple is a co-creative sanctuary where it is safe to come exactly as you are, receive what you need, and steep in the nourishing support of sisterhood.

Tune into the clear messages of your inner wisdom with a grounding guided meditation, powerful journaling exercise, and opportunities for reflection in a safe space of compassion and non-judgment.

PLUS, reset your entire nervous system with a healing breathwork journey facilitated by Certified Breathwork Teacher Rhiannon Jane.

Limited spaces available so please reserve your spot ASAP.

***To get the most out of your breathwork session, please follow the preparation info below.

***If you have a history of medical issues, please review this form to make sure there are no contraindications.



This is a gentle respiratory technique that has been proven to…

  • Reset the body to boost immunity and alkalize.
  • Reset the mind to reduce stress and emotional reactivity.
  • Reset the vagus nerve to sleep better and heal.

Discover more here.

Preparing your body:

  • Empty stomach (allow 2+ hours after your last meal before the session)
  • No stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, mary jane, alcohol, cacao, sugar, etc. will interfere)
  • Eat clean (for 24+ hours prior to the session)
  • Comfortable clothing (pijamas welcome!)

Preparing your space:

  • Quiet room (where you will be undisturbed by pets/loved ones/phones)
  • Flat surface to lie on (floor or yoga mat or bed without pillows)
  • Laptop with camera (facing side view of torso for breath monitoring)
  • Bolster (or pillow to place under your knees for lower back support)
  • Eye cover (eye pillow or rolled up scarf or soft shirt)
  • Blankets (get comfy!)
  • Water bottle (drinking water in a container with a closed lid)


  • Headphones (for a better sound experience)
  • Tissues (within reach in case you want to clear your nose)
  • Journal & pen (in case you want to write afterwards)
  • Bowl of salt water (place anywhere in the room, dump afterwards)
  • Sage or palo santo (burn some in the room beforehand)
  • Essential oil (apply to the soles of your feet as we begin)