Women’s Transcendation

about this event

Calling all goddesses, priestesses, witches, sorceresses, survivors & over-turners of the patriarchy! It’s time for the 21st century red tent experience: unifying and empowering each other in that holy place for divine feminine to be in tribe.

Women’s Transcendation is Souls Enterprises’ exclusive modality that invites Transcending + Celebration! While other circles focus on a topic or a one-way dialogue from the facilitator, Women’s Transcendation provides focused, mutual support to help us all get unstuck and have real, lasting results. All is welcome!

We set clear intentions, share deeply, and lean on and into each other for support, nurturing, and magick.

RSVP preferred.

9:00am US Pacific Time

Monthly, 3rd Saturday

Zoom Meeting ID: 323 829 7345

Suggested Exchange: $10-50

Venmo: @SoulsEnterprise

Zelle: exchange@soulsenterprise.org

PayPal: SoulsEnterprise1@gmail.com

*Please note: we believe in transcending gender & other (and all) forms of identity. The use of “masculine/male” and “feminine/female” is a guide (and from grammatical ease/habit), not a rule. If you identify with other terms or none at all (or have confusion), you are warmly invited to attend- we would love to have you!