Women’s New Moon Circle Workshop With Erika Paulson

about this event

For thousands of years, women have been gathering to pass down traditions and share wisdom through ceremony and ritual.  This New Moon Circle offers a modern version of that ancient practice and a space in which we can connect, reflect, discover and share.  In this workshop, we will use breathwork, gentle yoga, meditation, journaling and sharing, if you so choose, as tools to unlock your truth. 

The New Moon represents new beginnings and is a powerful time to plant seeds or set intentions.  During each New Moon Circle, we will complete some self-discovery centered around themes appropriate for that New Moon and set intentions based on those discoveries.  The circle offers us the opportunity to empower those intentions by sharing them with the group.  To speak our truth without judgement, but with deep compassion and understanding from the circle, is a transformative experience.

These circles create a strong and supportive community for clearing minds, opening hearts, and awakening spirits.  I hope you can join us for an evening of harnessing the powerful energy of the New Moon.  Please bring a journal to this workshop.