Women’s Dream Circle

about this event

What is Dreamwork? 

Dreamwork is a commonly accepted term that describes the exploration and investigation of dreams. While dreamwork is used as an approach in psychotherapy, it also has a long and significant history in many cultures. Dreamwork is used to gain more self-awareness, improve creativity, for problem-solving, for individual growth & development, and overall wellness. My dreamwork approach is based on Jungian theory and draws upon several other methods like Gestalt, Ullman method, somatics, art therapy, and others.

What is the Women’s Dream Circle?

The Dream Circle is a small group of women who come together to explore their dreams. The Dream Circle is a safe and intimate space to discover what your dreams might be bringing your attention to. The Dream Circle observes a set of trust-building guidelines that will be shared before the first session. The session is facilitated and includes workshop-style exercises and reflections. 

What will I take away from the Dream Circle as a participant?

– Connections with other dreamers

– Ways to work with your dreams

– Guidance on how to keep a dream journal 

– Space to reflect, share & listen 

– Messages and wisdom from your dreams


What is the pricing and how often will the Dream Circle meet?

The dream circle will meet for 5 Saturdays from April 29, 2023, to May 27, 2023. We will meet via video calling on Zoom from 12 PM PST to 2 PM PST. Each member, once invited, after the introductory phone call will be requested to pay $100 to be part of the Circle. 

How many participants are in the Dream Circle?

I will be capping the number of participants at 5 to keep the Dream Circle small and for the participants to have a more in-depth experience with dreamwork. 

Do I need to have any experience with working with dreams?

No, not at all! The Dream Circle is a container for anyone who is fascinated by their dreams, is a vivid dreamer, and is curious about what their dreams have to offer. The Dream Circle welcomes all dreamers! All you need to do is bring a dream to the Circle. 

Who will facilitate the Dream Circle?

My name is Raashi Bhatia and I am a Certified Dreamwork Professional and a Certified Integral Coach. I am currently a Mentor with the Institute for Dream Studies where I focus on supporting the student community through the course of their study and supporting the faculty in developing the program. Originally from India, I am currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and work with individuals and organizations globally. You can learn more about me and my work here: https://botreeintegral.com/