WOMEN’S CIRCLE: Relating in Safe Space

about this event


WHAT IS A TALKING STICK?-If we met in person, we’d make use of a talking stick. The person holding the stick is given the space to speak what’s on her mind+heart.

-As a community, we hold sacred space for each individual by witnessing and listening with silence, respect, and our entire being.

-Once she is done sharing, she puts the stick back into the center of the circle.

-When someone is ready to share, they pick up the stick, sit back down, and begin sharing.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…-If there’s a desire to connect + be in community with other women-You’d like to hear how others are coping with challenges in love + life-You’re feeling alone or isolated-You’re looking for authentic connection and meaningful discussion


TO HAVE THE BEST EXPERIENCE WE ASK FOR…FOCUS – full participation + presenceFACE – be on video and ready to connect face-to-faceFREEDOM – ideally be in a private space where you have the freedom to express yourself

SUGGESTIONS WHEN SHARING…-USE “I” Statements. Share what’s true for you with brevity.-CONSENT. If you feel like you’ve made a connection tonight and would like to continue that, please get the person’s consent for making contact.-CONFIDENTIAL. What’s shared here stays here.


MISFITS IN LOVE is a safe space for singles and couples who are curious, exploring, or transitioning into consensual (ethical) non-monogamy and/or polyamory and are ready for more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. Experiential + interactive classes help you to re-imagine and re-define how you do relationships for more connection, trust, and alignment in life and love without sacrificing security.