Women’s Circle Medicine | Session 3: E N V I S I O N

about this event

Donation-based event.

We are experiencing a collective reset moment.

On the individual level, we find ourselves reassessing what we value, how we spend our time, what nourishes us and what depletes us. This moment is an opportunity to tune in and open up to messages and insights about our nature and our desires. An opportunity to imagine and create a better reality for ourselves and the collective.

You are invited to join this series designed to explore these themes in sacred space with other women. To inspire and be inspired by the wisdom and stories of one another. To fully see and to be fully seen.

In this is women’s circles series, we are exploring where each of us stand and where we want to go from here.


Session 3 | May 19th @7pm EST


When I transform myself, I transform the world

In this session, we will integrate all that we have gathered. You will envision a new reality guided by your core values and desires. You will be guided in the creation of a ritual to embody the qualities you want to cultivate, so you can show up fully to this new reality.


What to expect?

In these 90-min sessions, you can expect a mix of meditation, experiential inquiry, authentic sharing and rituals to strengthen your connection to inner guidance and the divine feminine.

To make these sessions accessible to all, they are donation-based. You can make a donation via Paypal (ElsieIwase), Venmo (elsie-iwase) or through Conscious City Guide.