Women’s Circle (for all ages and paths)

about this event

Join an authentic Women’s Circle event to awaken the innate wisdom of our feminine bodies with Shamanic journeys, guided meditation, healing sounds, and sacred rituals. This inner awakening event will deepen your connection with yourself while also offer empowering conversations about women’s truths. This is a safe space for healing and awakening and women of all walks of life, faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds are welcome.

Throughout history, women have consciously or unconsciously gathered in sacred circles to laugh, share, heal, care for children, grieve, and spiritually connect in community. In gatherings for women, the participants can experience a deep authenticity within themselves, be and witness other women being vulnerable, finding a much deeper connection that we often lack in our day-to-day lives.

In the sacred space of the circle a collective power is harnessed. The support, compassion, openness, creativity, and individual stories shared have the force to translate into something much larger, with a powerful ripple effect that positively impacts each life and the collective.

Please wear comfortable / free-flowing clothing and warm layers and bring one or two items for the altar (anything of importance to you, i.e.photo, crystal, memento). You may also wish to bring a journal and pen. Tea and light refreshments will be available, you can also bring a bottle of water.

The evening will be facilitated by Andréa Takacs-Carvalho. A Brazilian Medicine Woman, Sacred Feminine Priestess, Spiritual Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Women Circle organizer and Vegan Mama. Andréa is a Womb Awakening facilitator, transforming women’s relationship with their body and creative power. A lifelong passionate Mother Earth guardian, she believes our relationship with Nature is the core of our personal health and that of our planet.