Women of the Wild Retreat Tenerife 14.-18.11.2022

about this event

Loved ones, ❤️

My last email is already a while ago and I wanted to update you about our new Women of the Wild retreat in November in Tenerife North from 14.-18.11.22 This will be the last group retreat in this year before I launch my online retreat experience about igniting your feminine powers, deepening into the creative powers of the feminine, and activating your magnetism and your sacred sexual energies. If you want to know more about this, simply reply HOME RETREAT to this email. 

🌹 This Novembers retreat will be a truly wild episode, so prepare yourself, cause this is like nothing you have seen or experienced before. 🌹❤️

Finally, I found the perfect location in a green, lush oasis on the canary islands for my upcoming retreats.

The Bio Finca, resting in the north of the island on the edge of our Teide Vulcano, the climate is a bit more humid, that’s why there is a small forest, beautiful gardens with all kinds of plants, flowers, and fruits, a long Barranco on the property, perfect for meditations, group coachings and also a perfect hideaway on the retreat if you want to be alone.

In- and Outdoor Yoga Shalas invite us to have deep talks, healing yoga sessions, and beautiful meditations and the cave on the property invites even more deep soul talks and intimate sessions to explore your soul’s desire and path.

A fresh pool with water from the mountain, and several in- and outdoor community areas inviting to connect with new soul sisters or to chill alone.

We have lovely cabins and Mongolian yurts, with private bathrooms and private kitchens (in the cabins) that can be shared or used privately.

Our Bio Finca grows its own vegetables and fruits organically, with no pesticides and we are going to be spoilt by our ayurvedic food team, which creates every day new, exotic, healthy, and very yummy meals, snacks, and drinks, that fill your belly and heart with love 🙂 


There is an early-bird price for the retreat up still until 20.10.22, so only a few days left, where you can save €300 for shared and private accommodation. 

We will do voice activation, tao tantra practices for women (breathing, movement, unblocking stuck energy) sacred cacao ceremony, dance therapy, ecstatic dance, and movements, discovering your true authentic self, some shadow work, journaling, shamanic sound journey and healing journey with music, singing bowls, crystal bowls, shamanic drum sessions, Fire ceremony, sacred meditations, daily yoga and visualizations and so much more.

This will be a truly wild episode, so prepare yourself, cause this is like nothing else you have seen or experienced before. 🌹❤️

❤️ Tune into your sacred intuition, and feminine magnetism and embody your wild feminine goddess potential.

❤️ Embrace the journey of finding our inner unique gifts and strength.

❤️ Learn how to cultivate the inner landscape from which you self-source your worth, and inner safety, feeling secure and confident to express your truth, your message, and medicine to the world.

❤️ Learn to listen to yourself and to connect with your emotions. Learn to express them, not suppress them.


You can read some of my latest journal articles about healing the womb, the shadow self, and more, that you can read here 💚

Also, several new retreats are coming up next year, Sacred Surf Retreat in Fuerteventura, Intimacy Couples Retreat, and more Tao Tantric Art for Women of the Wild Retreats. 

Please also update me on your latest achievements, struggles, and everything new in your life. Just answer this email and let’s stay in contact. ❤️

I hope to see you soon.

Until then peace and namasté, Tosca