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Throughout human history people have shaped the natural elements into tools to enhance their lives. In this special workshop, Soren Mitchell will guide you into the wonders of whittling as you craft a spoon from an untamed section of wood. Soren believes that people are happiest when they are making beautiful things with their hands. Come experience it firsthand and leave with a spoon of your own design.

Enjoy an elixir by Sun Potion and lunch from Mercado Sagrado guest chef, Greg Arnold of Darkhorse Organic.

As far back as he can remember, Soren Mitchell has been drawn to cultures that lived and thrived in nature. This interest led him to many pursuits of a primitive nature such as fire making, carving, hide tanning and foraging, which includes hunting and fishing. Soren and his wife Helen make jewelry from their hand-tanned leather and stones, bones, shells, glass and other materials they find in the places they visit. They believe that people are happiest when they are exploring their worlds, collecting things and then processing and making those things into usable items and art. This is why they call their “company” The Natural Free Human Beings. In their world, everyone is an artist and everyone is a valuable and honored member of the tribe.

www.thenaturalfreehumanbeings.com / @thenaturalfreehumanbeings

Sunday, June 23rd, 11:00 – 2:00pm, We’ll meet on the lawn in the Village, Big Sur

$85 including lunch at our restaurant w/ Darkhorse Organic & Sproutcraft Creamery

*locals $10 off please email us hello@consciouscityguide.com with your local I.D and we’ll send you a code linked to your name

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