WELLNESS RETREAT: The Method of Meditation

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Matt Cardone, Vedic Meditation Spiritual Leader, Mentor, Interventionist

Quiet mind, open heart.

Join Vedic Meditation spiritual teacher, Matt Cardone to upgrade your life. 

This summer, discover The Method Meditation, an ancient practice with a long and important history, originating more than 5000 years ago. The tradition takes its name from the sacred texts, the Vedas, the first transcribed rendering of what had previously been an entirely oral tradition. Many of the concepts of Indian philosophy you’re most likely to have heard about—like Dharma or Karma—trace their root to the Vedas.

The Method Meditation practice uses a mantra, a meaningless sound, that can help quiet the mind and settle the body. A mantra pulls you into a subtle state of awareness that some compare to a feeling like lucid dreaming. Those just learning The Method Meditation use seed mantras, simplified sounds that are the best meditation method to learn how to meditate on your own as a beginner.

Vedic meditation is simple to learn and easy to do. It’s effortless. It’s gentle. It is open to anyone of any age or physical ability. It requires no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere. And it fits easily with our modern busy lives. 


1. Introduction to the Intelligence of Meditation Principles

2. Mindfulness (Mind Body Connection) 

3. Meditation (Vedic Meditation with Personalized Mantras) 

4. Your Conclusion: Manifestation Technique & take home program + Q&A with Matt Cardone


Matt Cardone is a mentor, interventionist and Vedic meditation teacher, who has invested years and thousands of hours of his life in the study and practice of Vedic knowledge and meditation. He first began teaching meditation in 2014, and since then has traveled to India frequently to study under some of the greatest masters of our time. He teaches regularly throughout United States, but also travels the world leading meditation retreats and meditation courses in corporate environments.

Highly knowledgeable, Matt is the only Vedic meditation instructor in the state of Florida and one of only a few instructors across the United States. A patient, professional, and compassionate instructor, he periodically helps others rise to the level of teacher as well through advanced instruction of the Vedas. When Matt isn’t helping beginner or advanced students access the relatable teachings of Vedic meditation, you’ll find him throughout South Florida raising community consciousness through meditation events and speaking engagements.

Take part in this 3 day journey and leave transformed. View the full retreat weekend itinerary here.

#1 Retreat Weekend Pass | $880++ Your 3 Day Retreat Pass Includes:

  • (2) Breakfasts
  • (2) Evening Socials
  • (2) Lunches
  • $200 Spa Credit
  • 5+ Workshops + Q&A’s
  • Meditation + Yoga
  • Unlimited Access to one of the country’s largest Thermal Experiences
  • Beach & Pool Amenities

#2 Limited Retreat Weekend Pass | $780++ Your 3 Day Retreat Pass Includes:

  • (2) Evening Socials
  • $200 Spa Credit
  • 5+ Workshops + Q&A’s
  • Meditation + Yoga
  • Unlimited Access to one of the country’s largest Thermal Experiences

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