“Wait a minute. Why am I doing this?”

about this event

It’s often not until we are knee deep in discomfort, overwhelm and confusion that we pause to ask ourselves, “Wait a minute. Why am I doing this?” When it comes to our relationships, our careers, and even our day-to-day activities, we tend to operate from a place of grasping for more of what we like and avoiding what we dislike. In short, we are running on auto-pilot, triggered by our limbic and nervous system, and the parts of our brain concerned with survival – with just getting by. What would our lives look and feel like if we were guided instead by purposeful choice, something innate within us that felt aligned with our greater purpose, and connected to what matters most to us? In this hour-long session, we will contemplate our deepest intentions and how we want to show up for every aspect of our lives. Beginning with a relaxing body scan to sharpen our awareness and connect with our bodies, we’ll move through a guided meditation on intention – the qualities we’d like to have more of in our lives and the values that are actually important to us – and visualize all the ways in which we might bring a sense of higher wisdom and purpose to our precious time on this Earth, so that we can show up more fully for everyone in our lives, including ourselves.