Voice Creatures: An Embodied Exploration into Sound

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This workshop will explore the depths of our inner dimensions through voice, breath and movement. In lifting and transmuting the burden of our private, hidden voices, we will discover parts of ourselves that have been knocking wildly from the inside, longing to be heard – our “voice creatures.” By allowing these silenced or forgotten parts to be sounded, we uncover greater integration, expansion, artistry and freedom of expression.

Rooted in classical vocal technique and motivated by elements of mysticism, Bisan’s embodied approach serves to support the sounding of deeply held impulses in the body. With a focus on arcane sounding rather than traditional singing, this workshop is appropriate for beginners, as well as seasoned vocalists. Group sessions will alternate between personal time for self-reflection and exploration of the vocal exercises, within the tranquil environment of Pure Land Farms.

Topics covered:

  • Exploring the free voice through the Systems of Breath, Articulation & Resonance
  • Identifying obstructive vocal habits to release physical tensions and constricting thought patterns
  • Improving vocal intonation, pitch, vocal energy and projection
  • Connecting breath, movement and emotion
  • Opening direct pathways to primal, deeply felt, human sounds
  • Investigating ‘Voice & Identity’: finding one’s symbolic voice
  • Expanding the vocal pallet through the discovery of new vocal colors/textures
  • Developing the sound imagination and range of expression

Open to all $150 | Vegetarian lunch is included. Please wear comfortable clothing

Please note that tickets are only available via Pure Land Farm’s website:

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Your Instructor:

Bisan Toron is an experimental world music vocalist, composer and voice teacher. Born in Syria and raised in Paris and New York, Bisan studied classical voice performance at NYU and holds masters in Ethnomusicology from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. She did further studies in voice and improvisation with the Roy Hart-based company, Pantheatre in France.

As an Ethnomusicologist, Bisan has focused on the subject of music and identity, and the “search for home” through music, particularly among refugee populations and displaced people. Her fieldwork projects include researching and documenting the fusion music of ethnic minorities in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and the music of the second and third Franco-Arab generations. Bisan has also co-designed and conducted conflict resolution music & movement Workshops in Haifa, Israel, and Ramallah, Palestine.

Bisan’s compositions and improvisations are informed by a multitude of cultures and vocal traditions, which she threads with vocal articulations that arise from the moment. Bisan was a voice professor at ESADIB, National College of Dramatic Arts in Mallorca, Spain from 2008-2010 and currently performs and teaches voice independently across Europe and the United States. She currently resides in New York.

About Pure Land Farms:

Pure Land Farms is a retreat center in Topanga California offering Tibetan Medicine, Meditation, and Rejuvenation. Surrounded by state park, located on ten acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, Pure Land is truly a rural sanctuary on the edge of Los Angeles. A healing oasis bordering a vibrant city, all are welcome to retreat and restore, to learn and to connect.

Founded 2018 in collaboration with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and The Sorig Institute of Tibetan Medicine, Pure Land Farms is host to a range of offerings. With group meditation retreats, rejuvenation workshops, Tibetan medicine courses, healing treatments, and the opportunity for solitary retreats, there is depth of healing here for everyone.