Voice Activation // Free Online Workshop

about this event

Learn how to stay in your Heart Center while speaking and singing about what matters most to you! #BLM #LGBTQ #ENVIROMENTALJUSTICE #SPEAKUP #MUSICISMEDICINE

About this Event

In this class we explore song, energy and communication. Voice Activation will empower you to share your truth, enhance compassion and inspire play. The vibrations created by your voice will soothe by opening energy channels while grounding you into your body. You will experience heightened presence, increased intuition and pure source joy.

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This is an hour long class that will repeat every Wednesday. It’s totally free, your vision and voice are requested. We’ll start by coming into harmony, Marly will share practical communication and quick stress release tools that will keep you heart centered no matter the situation.

Topics rotate every week based on class participants, current social energetics and natural flow. Come with an open mind, this is a place to discover congruence on many planes of perspective and experience.

Your words are wands, create with intention!

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