VIRTUAL: Full Moon Tea Ceremony for Women – Hunter Moon

about this event

Where: >>> ONLINE through ZOOM
When:  >>> Thursday, 1 October 6pm
Cost:    >>> from £10 (we have a few low cost places available so please let me know if you are struggling financially for a lower contribution)

“The growing and dying of the Moon reminds us of our ignorance, which comes and goes. But when the Moon is Full, it is as if the eternal light of the Great Spirit were upon the whole world.” – Black Elk

This month it’s not only a Full Moon, but a powerful Luna Eclipse too, and it is a potent time to gather together with other sisters, be still and take the Medicine of Tea in silence. Connecting to that ESSENCE that we are. 

Women’s circles are a magical place for connection with ourselves, our sisters, our tribe. Something that most of us are missing and longing for in our hectic modern lives – deep sense of community, sisterhood, belonging and meaningful connection with likeminded women. Here we grow and heal together. Tea Ceremony deepens this connection and also our connection to Nature and Moon. Through the magical ritual of Tea Ceremony we are able to relax, go deeper into our bodies and connect to our own knowing and wisdom.

Some of you know, some don’t, but I have been doing Vortex Energy Healing for a few years now, and after the Tea Ceremony I will be doing a group healing for those areas that this Full Moon will be highlighting. 


>>> Introductions (the moon cycle, the tea, ourselves)
>>> Silent Tea Ceremony (to connect to ourselves and everyone in the group)
>>> Group Vortex Energy Healing
>>> Group Sharing {share your experiences, insights, longings)

I will be brewing a special heart opening Tea for the Tea Ceremony on the night. Tea is such a powerful medicine plant, but it’s so human and gentle, and it cares. Tea from ancient and wise tea trees has the ability to connect us to our hearts, take us on a very gentle journey and heal us.

Please note, NO REFUNDS are offered

I am looking forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you all!