(Virtual) Community Healing Circle

about this event

Gather in community virtually for Reiki + EFT + Sound Healing

During this workshop, Natalie will guide you through a Meta Prayer meditation and/or tapping, and a reiki infused soundbath.

The intention of this healing circle is to bring healing into the participants mind, body, and soul, as well as create an anchor of healing energy for the collective. During this time together we will ground with gentle breath work and intentionk setting, and integrate in stillness for with a guided visualization practice to balance your body’s energy, while receiving distance Reiki and healing vibrations.

I invite you to create a sanctuary/zen den in your home; gather pillows, blankets, a mat and any other props to support you as you lie down to receive; light candles or incense and whatever else you might need.

This is open to everyone, and suggested donation is $15, but if financial exchange is not possible for you at this time, your presence will be exchange enough.